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Business Travel Is Critical to Business, the Economy, and Human Relations – Here’s Why

With the rise of virtual technology, some have questioned the necessity of business travel, but here’s why it’s still an incredible investment.

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Keep Safe During Your Next Hotel Stay With Our Pro Tip Checklist

Many hotel brands have introduced enhanced safety and cleaning protocols over the last few months, but guests should also take extra precautions to maintain their well-being during an overnight stay….

Travel Insights

What to Expect for Air Travel in 2020

While more people are flying, the experience may feel completely different to travelers with new safety protocols being implemented at airports and on planes. To get a better understanding of…

Travel Insights

How We Operate Our Business in the Most Sustainable Manner

Environmental sustainability is a high priority for our clients and suppliers – as it is for us too. We are proud of the tremendous strives we have made in this…