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Your crisis management solution

In a world full of uncertainty, it’s a relief to know there’s Expert Care. This risk management platform lets you monitor travel plans, identify and communicate with travelers across the globe, and support crucial decision-making.

Requires traveler consent. 

It is especially in times like this that we truly support how American Express Global Business Travel steps up, mobilizes your staff and is relentless in ensuring our employees and their families are contacted and communicated with.

American Express Global Business Travel customer


Effective communications

Travel managers are able to use booking information and American Express® corporate credit card transactions to locate travelers during a crisis, and text or email them.

Real-time updates

Travel and security information, available in real-time, lets travel managers prioritize travelers’ safety and act fast.

It’s customizable

Travel managers can adjust risk management and response preferences to suit their needs.

Expert Care™

From a powerful interface comes a simple way to pinpoint a traveler’s location.