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Navigating the changing air distribution landscape Ready for NDC?
So are we.

Airline Industry Evolution

New Distribution Capability (NDC) is an alternative data structure that allows airlines to distribute content differently, creating more bundles and tailored offers to customers. More and more airlines are transitioning to NDC and it’s increasingly becoming a hot topic in travel.

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Airline Industry Evolution

Our Marketplace and NDC

We have the most comprehensive and competitive corporate travel marketplace with a consistent, omni-channel shopping and servicing environment. The transition to NDC across the industry brings exciting opportunities and we are committed to its success. Our goal in bringing NDC content onboard is to continue to provide a unique global marketplace that combines smart software and trusted services to meet all of our customer needs.

More than 1,500 of our customers are already booking NDC fares with Amex GBT on our Neo™ and Egencia booking platforms.

Paul Abbott CEO, American Express Global Business Travel

Owning our technology allows us to work in closer collaboration with our customers and partners to build robust and scalable NDC connections.

Drew Crawley President, American Express Global Business Travel

Our customers are trusting us to lead in this space. We've dedicated resources and investment into making NDC work for our customers and the business travel industry as a whole.

Julie Avenel Vice President, Strategic Transformation and Change

NDC Resources