• Fresh Innovations

    Explore ways to make the whole booking process easier, whether you’re a traveler or a travel manager.

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  • Get There for Less

    You know where you’re headed, now what? Get to know what we offer and how you’ll save.

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  • Choices and More Choices

    Whether it’s an overnight business trip or a year-long stay, you’ll get access to everything you need at competitive rates.

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  • Your Efficiency Pro

    Thanks to the Amex GBT Mobile app, you can book your business trip, get help 24/7, check in to your flight and do much more.

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  • Your Crisis Management System

    When the unexpected happens, your company needs to locate its travelers and communicate fast. That’s where Expert Care™ comes in.

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  • Help When You Need It Most

    Leave it to our travel counselors to help with everything, from rebooking a cancelled flight to navigating the visa process, all at a moment’s notice.

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  • Making the Most of Your Investment

    Every company has their own objectives. We get it. That’s why we help you create a customized travel program that meets your needs.

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  • Payments Made Easier

    Virtual Payment Expert™ comes digitally to use on a one-time basis in a specific time frame.

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  • Booking Notifications

    Want travelers to book in-policy? We provide tools to review online and offline GBT bookings so you can easily spot compliance issues.

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  • Never Miss the Lowest Price

    With our automated re-shop tools, you can rebook lower rates on flights and hotels and repurpose unused tickets.

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  • Numbers Tell the Story

    We give travel managers the tools to gain a better understanding of their entire travel program to help boost their savings.

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  • Gain a competitive edge by knowing where you stand in your industry.

    Knowledge is power. And our data analytics platform and reporting products deliver through robust data, actionable insights, and benchmarking so you can clearly understand your entire travel program—including your carbon footprint.

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