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Your go-to travel app

The average person has 90 apps installed on their phone1. Make it 91 and download Amex GBT Mobile. Why, you ask? Because our mobile app helps business travelers easily manage every aspect of their trip.

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Amex GBT Mobile App

Making business trips about business again.


Trip management:



  • Book air, hotel, rail, and ground transportation
  • Check in to flights and view boarding times and countdowns
  • Receive push notifications with important updates about your trip
  • Access the mobile app with your face or fingerprint
  • Chat with a travel counselor through Messenger
  • Quickly connect with a travel counselor with click-to-call
  • Access in-app support in addition to commonly asked questions in our FAQ
  • Contact our customer support team 24/7
  • Review your know-before-you-go card that holds itinerary-specific data
  • Book taxis, black cars, ride shares and more
  • Receive hotel recommendations and click-to-book with Trip Recommender™
  • Gain access to flight disruption assistance with Proactive Traveler Care™
  • Pinpoint traveler’s location during a crisis with Expert Care™
  • Access consistent and pertinent travel information with Travel Vitals(TM)
  • Send travelers and employees timely, relevant communications with Travel Program Notifications

A single itinerary

Air, hotel, car, rail, and ground transportation bookings—all viewable in one united itinerary that automatically updates.

Duty of Care

When disruptions happen, know where your travelers are with Expert Care and help them get on their way with Proactive Traveler Care.


Bring together travelers and travel counselors on the Amex GBT Mobile app and Connect PortalTM with our new chat feature.

The Amex GBT Mobile app is available to all American Express
Global Business Travel customers who have enrolled.

Download on the App Store  Download on the Play Store

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