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Travel Insights

Buyer Beware: What to Be Leery of When Evaluating a Travel Management Company

Much has been written about the qualities to look for in a travel management company (TMC), but it’s also important to assess its shortcomings. To help you with your TMC…

Meetings & Events

Virtual Events: Planning for Unknown Costs

While virtual meetings may cost less than in-person events, owners and planners often neglect to account for many components of the virtual experience when building their budgets. Click on the…

Travel Tips & Trends

Trying to Predict Airfares When The Unpredictable Happens

With airfares fluctuating frequently, knowing when to buy and when to wait for a better deal to come along can be tricky. Airfare prediction apps such as Google Flights and…

Travel Insights

Ask the Expert: What to Expect When Traveling During COVID-19

Contemplating traveling in the near future? What can you expect when you venture out to an airport, train station, or hotel? How will the COVID-19 vaccine impact traveler requirements? In…

Travel Tips & Trends

Get Ready for Takeoff With These Tips for a Stress-free Airport Experience

The airport experience can be a bumpy ride at times, from battling a lot of traffic on the way there to long lines at security checkpoints and last-minute flight delays….

Travel Insights

Tips for Getting a Handle on Your 2021 Corporate Travel Spend

How much will your company spend on travel in 2021? The current atmosphere of uncertainty can make it difficult to forecast business travel needs, and the answer can change with…