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Research & Insights

Communicating and Responding to Business Travelers During a Crisis

When a traveler experiences some kind of crisis during a business trip — whether it’s simply a flight cancellation or a medical emergency — how well a company can respond…

Regional Focus

A Business Traveler’s Guide to Navigating Singapore

BMW, Sony, Hewlett Packard, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple, Google, Microsoft, General Electric and Walt Disney Company — these are just some of the Fortune 500 companies that have chosen to plant…

Research & Insights

Team Collaboration for Travel Program Success

It doesn’t take a village to run a corporate travel program, but it most certainly is not a one-employee show either. No matter the size of an organization’s travel program,…

Research & Insights

2018 Global Health Outlook: What Business Travelers Should Know

This content was derived from iJET International’s 2018 Global Forecast Disease outbreaks such as Zika and Ebola gain significant international media attention and elicit emotional responses, but what are the…

Travel Tips & Trends

Applying for a U.S. Passport: What You Need to Know

As we mentioned in a recent Atlas article, the U.S. Department of State is expected to release its newly designed passports any day (or month) now. And for all those…

Research & Insights

Ride-Hailing Services and Your Corporate Travel Policy

Corporate travel programs generally aren’t known for quickly embracing new suppliers and technology, but that hasn’t been the case with ride-hailing apps. According to a recent report by Certify, which…

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