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Travel News

Business Travel Management in China: Blending Eastern Technology With Western Policies

The Chinese are spending a massive amount on business travel. In 2015, the People’s Republic of China nabbed the No. 1 spot in total business travel spend, surpassing the United…

Research & Insights

Can You Optimize Your Travel Program While Balancing the Needs of Business Travelers?

When companies wish to squeeze more ROI out of a travel program, they often turn to a program optimization (PO) approach to unearth new cost-savings opportunities and understand where things…

Travel Tips & Trends

When in San Diego…A Business Traveler’s Guide to Navigating the Site of GBTA’s 2018 Convention

It may not be in a central location like Nashville or Chicago or have as many hotel rooms or golf courses as Orlando, but beautiful San Diego is one of…

Meetings & Events

Duty of Care + Meetings: How to Mitigate Risks at Your Next Event

When organizations think about their travel risk management plan, the attention usually is on business trips made by individual employees. Duty of care policies have been established and updated, there…

Research & Insights

How American Express Global Business Travel Is ‘Keeping Up’ With the Corporate Traveler

Getting employees to make in-policy hotel bookings is a battle every travel manager encounters. But why do business travelers book outside the corporate online booking tool (OBT) and what are…

Travel Tips & Trends

What Hotel Consolidation Means for Travelers’ Loyalty Points

Within the past three years, four of the five world’s largest hotels have been involved in a merger or acquisition. To refresh your memory: InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) acquired the…

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