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[On-Demand Webinar] Incident Management in a Rapidly Changing World

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) recently hosted a timely webinar, Incident Management in a Rapidly Changing World. Throughout the webinar, risk and compliance professionals at GBT delve into considerations…

Travel Tips & Trends

Five Ways to Prepare Your Travel Program for the New Reality Ahead

This pause in travel is an opportune moment for corporate travel teams to get their travel programs ready for the future. Here are five areas to assess: Shore up duty…

Travel Tips & Trends

The Travel Management Company Is Your Greatest Ally

It has been said many times: during periods of disruption, travel management companies (TMCs) show their real value. This is not news to the travel manager. It is only when…

Travel Tips & Trends

GBT is #WithTravel

The travel industry has always taken pride in its resilience. In the way it connects people and places. But the grounding of the global travel industry is unlike anything we’ve…

Travel Insights

Developing a Business Continuity Plan: A Q&A With Sasha Kalb, Vice President, Risk, Compliance, and Environmental Social Governance

Whether a company has invested a lot or a little in its business continuity plan (BCP), it shows when a crisis or disruption transpires. Those with practiced procedures in place…

Travel Tips & Trends

A Duty of Care Priority: Supporting the Well-being of Employees Working Remotely

The current health crisis not only has interfered with business travel, but it’s also shaken up office life. Quarantine measures are forcing entire workforces to perform their work duties from…

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