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Research & Insights

Boost Your Travel Program’s Brand Using Insights from Our New Traveler 360° Report

Whether travel managers are aware of it or not, their travel program has a reputation that shapes employees’ behaviors. It may be that your travelers see the program as overly…

Travel Tips & Trends

When in Chicago…A Business Traveler’s Guide to Navigating the Windy City

It’s a frequent stomping ground for business travelers from all over North America. Easily reachable from either coast as well as its Canadian neighbor above, Chicago often sits at the…

Research & Insights

Do Travelers Feel Their Companies Are Keeping Them Safe on the Road?

From flight cancellations due to severe weather to unforeseen emergencies, there are bound to be bumps in the road during business travelers’ journeys. In fact, according to “Traveler 360°,” a…

Research & Insights

Simplify the Process of Onboarding New Travelers

It can seem like a cycle stuck on repeat — onboarding new employees entering the travel program. In order to help reduce the time and effort that goes into training…

Research & Insights

Traveler Satisfaction: What Business Travelers Across the World Are Seeking From Their Programs

There is so much talk these days about the importance of boosting traveler satisfaction, that an employee-friendly travel policy is essential for attracting and retaining talent in today’s competitive job…

Travel News

How The 2018 Hurricane Season May Impact Business Travel

This content was derived from an article that originally was published by iJET International The year 2017 was the costliest hurricane season on record, with some estimates reaching over USD…

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