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Know your travel program

When big data is done right, it makes life simpler. We do this by combining advanced business intelligence technology with our global breadth of data and consulting expertise. Not only do we give businesses the ability to understand what’s happening, but we also help them discover new insights that may lead to savings. It’s not just travel reporting—it’s travel intelligence.

General Travel Reporting

American Express Global Business Travel's three reporting tools give you a better understanding of your company’s travel program and your travelers’ behaviors. Watch the video to learn more.




Compare your travel program to industry peers, so you always know how you’re doing.

Data Integration

Integrate GBT travel data with additional feeds from third-party sources, such as credit card or expense providers, for a comprehensive program view.


Learn how different adjustments will affect your bottom line through advanced projection models.

Ways to improve

Get automated suggestions for how to save and increase the value of your travel program.

Environmental Reporting

As global citizens, we care deeply about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and environmental sustainability. That’s why, whenever possible, we try to reduce the environmental impact of travel. To this end, GBT has coalesced our client-based reporting platforms’ emissions data around the United Kingdom’s BEIS (Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) standards, one of the most comprehensive global emissions data resources available. We have also made a number of enhancements to our sustainability dashboards and reporting to support our client’s ESG programs, including:

  • Addition of car and hotel sustainability to our existing air and rail metrics to offer a single data source solution for all a client’s emissions reporting
  • Integrated resources to support clients seeking to carbon offset their travel program emissions
  • Integration of emissions-based insights and recommendations specific to the client’s travel program
  • Emissions savings opportunity reporting for air to rail mode conversion