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It is time to meet your peers

A benchmarking program establishes baselines, defines best practices, and identifies improvement opportunities. Peer Travel Insights™ combines American Express Global Business Travel’s (GBT) client database with advanced data analytics to deliver quality peer groups to measure travel program competitiveness.

Peer Travel Insights

Benchmark your corporate travel program against your peers.



Unequaled Peer Groups

Benchmark against statistically relevant peer groups created using GBT’s advanced algorithms or compare travel costs against peers in the same industry.


Traveler Well-Being

Better understand the relationship between cost containment, travel policy, and employee productivity.

Interactive Dashboards

Compare your company’s travel program’s data analytics against that of your peers with more than 40 travel metrics within 10 dynamic dashboards.

Competitive Insights

Peer Travel Insights gives travel leaders the data to determine actionable insights into the competitiveness of your travel program. With the knowledge at hand, you can determine how to balance the desire for world-class travel policies and employee satisfaction with effective cost containment.