There are types of professionals who thrive in a structured environment and are most productive when sitting at their desk, away from “distractions”. And then there are those who feel inspired when they are beyond four walls, traveling for work. Now ask yourself these questions: Do you have a job you enjoy? Do you like being in an office every day? Or do you want to work and see the world at the same time? For those of you who feel that a Monday-Friday, 9-5 office life is not your cup of tea, you are in luck.

Here are 10 jobs that require travel, many of which no doubt take advantage of excellent American Express Global Business Travel services.


Whether you have your own consulting business or work for a consulting company, this is a job that will have you traveling nationwide, if not globally. Companies turn to consultants for many different reasons, yet all have the same end goal, to fix specific problems within their organization. Clients of consultants could be spread across the globe, or can be a hop, skip, and a jump away. How much consultants travel and how far they travel really depends on how business solutions are managed and executed, and how well client relationships are maintained. But business travel is almost always part of the package.

The Nomadic Consultant is also becoming a trend for the millennial consultants. A native of North Carolina who had to be in New York City during the week took full advantage of his company’s policy that allows employees to fly home from client sites or somewhere that costs equal or less. He spent every weekend doing something different. While you’re young and gaining experience as a consultant, take advantage of the flexibility and see as much of your country (or others) by mixing work and leisure travel.

Retail Buyer

For those in the retail industry looking for jobs that require travel, a career in product buying and merchandising would be a great path to business travel. Aside from overseeing inventory in the store or online, senior level buyers travel all over the world to attend vendor meetings, trade shows, and conferences in order to forecast trends and make decisions of what should be carried in their stores. Buyers are not just limited to the fashion industry. There are needed for wholesale, e-commerce, and department retailers.

Travel Nurse

Being a travel nurse is a great way to see the world and make an impact in people’s lives. Nurses have a long list of responsibilities in the health care industry, and the market is in high demand for new nurses, with an expected need of 1 million nurses by 2020. Since medical care is needed worldwide, this gives nurses the opportunity to travel to places, near and far, where their services are needed.

In the US alone, “32 million people will have access to health care for the first time with the Affordable Care Act”, this increases the demand for nurses in every state. provides a wealth of information how to become a traveling nurse, including listings for travel nursing jobs across the US.

Sales Representative

Can you talk the talk? Sometimes even the best products need a friendly face – how well the sales representative interacts with clients is part of what moves the buying process along. Outside sales representatives are still very important for many industries, as face-to-face negotiating is vital to closing large deals, or to demonstrate and showcase physical products or services, like medical devices, construction, or consumer package goods.

Travel Agent

If you are someone who always plans ahead and pays great attention to detail, a career as a travel agent could be right for you. Agents are required to make honest and helpful travel recommendations to customers who are seeking organized travel plans. In some instances, the travel company will pay for their travel agents to partake in excursions so that they can point curious tourists in the right direction. Travel agents can be hired by businesses looking to organize company trips, or couples and families looking for vacations. Being personable and understanding are the top characteristics to fill a job such as this because agents are there to communicate and meet the needs of traveling clients. With an expected growth of online travel agencies over the next five years, the opportunities are endless to mix your love of travel and your career.

Event Coordinator

Event coordinators run the show from weddings and galas, to showers and birthday parties, making sure every detail, from the set-up and break down, is executed perfectly. With years of practice and expertise, event coordinators are often booked for jobs that require travel to plan and run large-scale events such as grand weddings and parties, high-profile meetings, trade shows, and music festivals. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “employment of meetings, convention, and event planners is projected to grow 10% by 2024”, increasing the opportunities to travel and organize captivating and exciting events. Establishing yourself as an expert in this industry will provide job security for years to come and potentially allow you to see cities and countries across the world while building your resume.

Flight Attendant

To be a flight attendant one does not need a specialized degree, but good communication skills, customer service experience, and adequate training to assist fellow passengers is definitely a plus. The interview process to become a flight attendant is a rigorous one and airlines look for people who remain calm and friendly at all times, no matter what the situation may be. Flight attendants can visit hundreds of cities across the globe, depending on experience and seniority; all while flying cost free and having accommodations covered. Although this job is not always glamorous and hours can be sporadic, it allows flight attendants to travel the world without breaking the bank.

International Tour Guide

Big cities, small towns, and remote destinations are always in need of tour guides to share their knowledge with travel enthusiasts and tourists. Being an international tour guide is a great opportunity for one to share their love of exploration and lead a group of curious minds on a cultural adventure filled with history and local cuisine.

Jobs that travel the world are hard to come by, but museums and historical sites have the largest pool of tour guide jobs, with roughly 14,000 recorded in 2015. Keep in mind that since tour guides are leading groups of people through busy streets, museums, and historic centers, they face a great deal of pressure in getting people safely from point A to point B. Communication skills are key, but also having a sense a humor and being very knowledge of where you are will increase your likelihood of good reviews and an abundance of tips.

Travel Writer

Although travel writers often work freelance and have a limited income, it is a dream job for those who seek adventure and are passionate about writing. Travel writers can write about anything from food and culture, to religion, and politics. They tell stories about what they are experiencing in a foreign place and share their findings with others, hoping to inform or inspire readers. It’s important to know, however, that only reputable travel magazines, big newspapers, or popular travel websites will pay for the airfare and accommodations of travel writers. If you want a sneak peek and some helpful tips, Krisanne Fordham shares the not always glamorous life of a travel writer.

Construction Manager

Construction managers oversee the process of new commercial and residential buildings, as well as bridges, tunnels and roads; supervise building deadlines, the progress of workers, and managing the budgets for each project. Because construction is a consistent market with high demand, with a projected growth of 5% by 2024, these managers are often tasked with managing multiple projects in various cities and countries. A considerable amount of travel is required of construction managers since they have to visit each site they oversee and make sure the requirements are being met. Having a degree in construction or equivalent work experience is a plus, and in order to book jobs that require travel, construction managers have to be at the top in their field.

Feeling the urge to find jobs that require travel? Although this list provides 10 great opportunities that travel the world, there are numerous other travel jobs out there in different industries to take advantage of. Just make sure to read the fine print on job descriptions about required travel and apply!