There are types of professionals who thrive in a structured environment and are most productive when sitting at their desks and in front of their computer screens. And then there are those who feel inspired when they are beyond four walls, and choose to do jobs that require travel.

In this article, we’ll discuss different jobs that allow you to travel around the world.

Best Corporate Jobs That Require Travel And Pay Well

If you feel like an “office” job isn’t for you and you’re hungry to see the world or just more of your country, here are several jobs that require travel (and, in some cases, the travel management services of American Express Global Business Travel).

By the way, these are the kinds of jobs that allow you to still get out there, even during times when companies are limiting their travel activities.

Travel Job #1: Consultant

Whether you have your own consulting business or work for a consulting company, this is a job that will require traveling nationwide, if not globally. Companies turn to consultants for many different reasons, yet all have the same end goal, to fix specific problems within their organization. How much consultants travel really depends on how business solutions are managed and executed, and how well client relationships are maintained. But business travel is almost always part of the package, since it can be impractical to conduct this kind of work virtually. Consultants have to meet with people face-to-face and observe the operations in person in order to give their advice on how the company can improve.

Travel Job #2: Travel Nurse

Being a travel nurse is a great way to see the world and make an impact on people’s lives. Nurses have a long list of responsibilities in the healthcare industry, and the market is in high demand for new nurses, with growth projected to rise 7% from 2019 to 2029 in the United States. Since medical care is needed worldwide, this makes it one of the best jobs that require travel to places, near and far, where their services are needed. Because they are deemed “essential workers,” travel nurses were able to voyage to different places when much of the world was on lockdown in early 2020.


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Travel Job #3: Sales Representative

Can you talk the talk? Sometimes even the best products need a friendly face – how well the sales representative interacts with clients is part of what moves the buying process along. Outside sales representatives are still very important for many industries, as face-to-face negotiating is vital to closing large deals or to demonstrating and showcasing physical products or services, like medical devices, construction, or consumer packaged goods.

Even though sales representatives may have experienced a slowdown in their travel activities in 2020, they’ve come to realize that nothing beats face-to-face when a deal needs to get done. As we highlighted in another Atlas article, salespeople are running into some roadblocks with virtual meetings, with more clients canceling them with little notice. So they are eager to get back to traveling like they used to.

Travel Job #4: Flight Attendant

To be a flight attendant one does not need a specialized degree, but good communication skills, customer service experience, and adequate training to assist fellow passengers is definitely a plus. The interview process to become a flight attendant is a rigorous one and airlines look for people who remain calm and friendly at all times, no matter what the situation may be. A flight attendant is a job that requires travel to hundreds cities across the globe, depending on experience and seniority, all while flying cost-free and having accommodations covered. Although the job is not always glamorous and right now there may be hiring freezes to contend with, this career choice allows one to travel the world without breaking the bank.

Travel Job #5: Travel Writer

Even though travel writers often work freelance and have an unpredictable income, it is a dream job that requires travel. It is a job for those who seek adventure and are passionate about writing. Travel writers can write about anything from food and culture to religion and politics. They tell stories about what they are experiencing in a foreign place and share their findings with others, hoping to inform or inspire readers – which is particularly valuable now as they offer escape and inspiration for grounded tourists. It’s important to know that only reputable travel magazines, big newspapers, or popular travel websites will pay for the airfare and accommodations of travel writers.

Travel Job #6: Construction Manager

Construction managers oversee the process of new commercial and residential buildings as well as bridges, tunnels, and roads. They also may be involved in energy and mining projects. They supervise building deadlines, the progress of workers, and managing the budgets for each project. Because construction is a consistent market with high demand, with a projected growth of 8% by 2029, these managers are often tasked with managing multiple projects in various cities and countries. This is a job that requires travel since construction managers have to visit each site they oversee and make sure the requirements are being met. Because in many US states, they are deemed “essential workers,” their ability to travel was not limited when the rest of the nation was under lockdown. But in order to book jobs that require travel, construction managers have to be at the top in their field.

Travel Job #7: Remote Workers

With a lot of employees still working from home and not being asked to report to the office anytime soon, some are realizing that they can do their work from just about anywhere with a strong Wi-Fi connection. To escape the crowded urban life, a number of city-dwellers fled to more rural areas, setting up a temporary office in a long-stay accommodation. But if you really want to explore the world, a number of countries are offering “remote working” visas.

For instance, Caribbean islands such as Bermuda, Barbados, Aruba, and Grand Cayman are offering visas to remote workers for up to one or two years to those who can prove they make a certain income. In Europe, Estonia, Germany, and the Czech Republic have long-term visas available to remote workers as well as freelancers, while Portugal and Spain’s corporate travel programs welcome mainly freelancers.

Of course, if this is seriously something you’re considering, it’s important to get your company’s blessing first. In some fields, there may be some legal and tax implications if you are doing business abroad.


So, if you’re looking to travel for work, think about one of these jobs that require travel, pay well, and offer a great opportunity to see the world.

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