Much of the talk surrounding the upside to a managed corporate travel program focuses on how it positively affects businesses. While the effects of managed corporate travel programs should not be downplayed, we think it’s equally important to shed some light on how the experiences of the corporate travelers themselves can be greatly improved when their company opts into a managed corporate travel program.

Find Peace of Mind

While the abundance of online booking platforms makes finding reasonable fairs a relatively simple process, these platforms typically do not offer the type of peace of mind you can find when traveling with a corporate travel management company like American Express Global Business Travel.

With American Express Global Business Travel, you know there is someone waiting to help you plan or adjust your itinerary at a moment’s notice, at any hour of the day. Don’t hop into the back of the long line when your flight’s cancelation gets announced. Get personalized service at the touch of a button to help you solve any issues or navigate travel disruptions.

Furthermore, with the help of a corporate travel service agency like American Express Global Business Travel, you’ll rest easy on the road knowing that aid can find you when a corporate traveler needs it the most, in cases more extreme than a mere canceled flight. With the help of tracking technology, your company’s corporate travel manager can find your location in a flash and send you updates and alerts to help get you to safety.

Easy Booking within Your Policy

Peace of mind doesn’t come from a corporate travel program when your plans change. It starts from the beginning of your trip, when you first book your itinerary. Simple online booking technology lets you quickly book your next trip, at home or on the go, with the peace of mind that you’re staying within your corporate travel policy.

VIPs Actually Feel Very Important

With American Express Global Business Travel, your most important corporate travelers feel like the high-priority dealmakers they really are. FIRST, a premium business travel service from American Express Global Business Travel, offers your VIPs the highest level of personal and proactive service, allowing them to focus on what matters: the business part of business travel.