We often talk about how a managed corporate travel program through a travel management company (TMC) can positively affect businesses. Today, however, let’s shed some light on the benefits to travelers, especially as they navigate the realities of today’s travel environment.


Benefits of corporate travel programs


1. Added security in an age of uncertainty

With so much flux occurring within travel these days, travelers need all the support they can get as they go about their journeys. When employees book travel within the parameters of managed corporate travel programs, they can rest assured they are traveling with suppliers their company has vetted and that when complications arise, the TMC can assist them. If there’s a more extreme emergency, companies can use a TMC’s incident management technology to locate impacted travelers and send help quickly.

On the flip side, when employees book outside of a company travel program, they put themselves at a greater risk. Itinerary details may not be captured, making it harder for the company to pinpoint travelers’ whereabouts and deploy assistance. Now imagine not having that kind of backup as you’re trying to get home when more than 200 countries and territories imposed travel restrictions in early 2020.


2. Around-the-clock support

With a corporate travel management program, travelers can feel confident they will be in good hands with experienced global travel advisors at their service 24/7. These representatives can do everything from determining whether quarantine measures are in place in the destination where they’re heading to providing live aid in the case of a disruption.

With GBT’s business travel program, travelers can rest easy knowing someone is waiting to help them plan or adjust their itinerary at a moment’s notice, at any hour of the day, no matter which time zone they’re in.

If a trip suddenly needs to be rescheduled because of a flight cancellation, employees who are traveling with GBT won’t have to hop into the back of a long line or be put on hold for an hour waiting for assistance. After finding out what airlines are cancelling flights, they can get personalized service at the touch of a button through the click-to-connect features on our mobile app.


3. Reliable travel updates and advisories

These days, pre-trip research on safety protocols, travel restrictions, and suppliers’ cleaning measures is a must, but travelers may waste hours browsing various sites and apps to find reliable information. The TMC may be able to provide accurate information from credible sources in a single portal.

For instance, GBT’s travel briefing platform, Travel Vitals™, enables users to search and gather intelligence on every key touchpoint of their journey before they confirm a booking.

The search tool can also deliver itinerary-specific advisories for those traveling with GBT, helping a traveler determine things like whether they may be tested for COVID at the airport and what safety and cleaning precautions their hotel is taking. The tool has been optimized for mobile and is best experienced through the Amex GBT Mobile app.

Through Amex Mobile, travelers also can receive other trip-specific updates, such as flight delays and gate changes, as well as push notifications from their company – a feature we just rolled out to help clients get out important alerts quickly.

To learn more about how we’re helping clients navigate the complexities of travel today, check out our “How Travel Management Companies Can Lend a Hand in a Disruption” e-book.