Looking toward the future, it’s clear that how and where we work is changing – and travel is something inherently tied to that evolution. As workforces become increasingly distributed and the travel landscape continues to shift, American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT) is focused on expanding capabilities to better support clients as their roles and company needs change.

To this end, Amex GBT and cultural analysis firm CULTIQUE have partnered to create a white paper – the Why Business Travel Is the Center of The New Company Culture – to help companies decipher these shifts and act on the opportunity to reframe business travel from a transactional mechanism to a transformational tool.

In this white paper, we explain why the strategic management of corporate travel, meetings, and mobility could be essential for cultivating winning company cultures and achieving business goals.

We share insights and actionable takeaways on how travel may:

  • Fuel your company culture.
  • Incentivize your workers’ wellbeing.
  • Drive your employees’ personal development.
  • Provide your employees with autonomy.
  • Showcase your company values.

Download the white paper to learn more.