In this climate of economic uncertainty, some companies may feel compelled to pull back from business travel. However, as new research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services indicates, corporate travel plays a key role in driving company growth and scalability. In fact, as the report reveals, most organizations could realize significant benefits by optimizing their travel programs during this time of disruption.

The findings are based on a survey involving 425 business travel decision makers that the independent commercial research unit conducted in May 2023 in collaboration with American Express Global Business Travel.

In the report “Investing in Travel to Drive Business Growth: A Strategy for Thriving in Disruption,” you’ll discover:

  • How in-person meetings can best deliver value to an organization, especially in today’s hybrid and remote working world.
  • Why travel is a critical investment in business performance, innovation, and corporate culture.
  • What it takes to build an effective business travel program that best supports organizations (spoiler alert: many companies lack these essential ingredients).
  • Insights from two decision makers detailing how their global corporate travel programs operate.

You’ll also learn how companies prioritizing business travel are reaping the rewards of their strategic decisions and some key factors behind their success.
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