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The 411 on Our 101 Corporate Travel Management Guides

Whether you just became the leader of your travel department or “travel manager” is an addendum to your full-time role, running a corporate travel program and organizing business travel booking…

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A Travel Management 101 Guide

This guide on travel management is an excellent place to start if you are fresh on the job and want an overview of what will be coming across your desk….

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Travel Management Terms 101

All this time you thought that “TM” was an abbreviation for trademark symbol? Not in the business travel industry. But don’t worry. In our handy travel management terms 101 guide, we’ll…

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Business Travel Management in China: Blending Eastern Technology With Western Policies

The Chinese are spending a massive amount on business travel. In 2015, the People’s Republic of China nabbed the No. 1 spot in total business travel spend, surpassing the United…

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Simplify the Process of Onboarding New Travelers

It can seem like a cycle stuck on repeat — onboarding new employees entering the travel program. In order to help reduce the time and effort that goes into training…

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5 Travel Management Styles — Discover Which One Is Yours

So you may use surveys and other tools to learn more about the experiences of your travelers for inspiration on how to fine-tune the travel program, but today we’re turning…

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Team Collaboration for Travel Program Success

It doesn’t take a village to run a corporate travel program, but it most certainly is not a one-employee show either. No matter the size of an organization’s travel program,…

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20 Ways to Make Your Traveling Employees’ Well-Being a Priority

Business travel may be an essential aspect of your company’s growth, but too much of it also can have a negative effect on your employees. Road-weary travelers don’t perform at…

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A Spotlight on Duty of Care and Duty of Loyalty

In theory, giving your corporate travelers the green light to tack on leisure travel to their business trip — aka “bleisure” — is a win-win situation. Not only can it…

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Multigenerational Travel Programs Meet Your Team Where They Are At

If your program is comprised of travelers from all three generations, a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t do. You need to have a blend of perks and policies that appeal to…