Since 2011, INTER[action] has been hosted as a marquee event to bring together colleagues and supplier partners within the meetings and events industry. This event is pivotal to drive growth across American Express Meetings & Events and bring together industry peers. Within months of the 2020 event date, the American Express Meetings & Events planning team transitioned the 3-day in-person event into a 2-day virtual event. Working with key executive stakeholders, the team developed a revised program, including a new agenda, delivery method, content, entertainment, and virtual attendee engagement for its 970 attendees across nine time zones.

Watch these videos from INTER[action] 2020:


  • Curated networking opportunities.
  • Thoughtfully organized supplier one-to-one appointments with employees.
  • Delivered a supplier showcase.
  • Hosted education programs.
  • Produced general sessions that included an emcee, awards and recognition, panel discussions, and supplier sponsorships.
  • Delivered virtual experiences, such as yoga and mindfulness sessions.
  • Hosted virtual and in-person dining experiences.
  • Orchestrated supplier focus groups.
  • Delivered entertainment.
  • Coordinated a charity raffle.


Transitioning from a 3-day in-person event to a 2-day virtual program meant a lot of coordination, program shifting, and timeline management. Led by a senior program manager, the planning team successfully managed multiple suppliers, including exhibitors, entertainment, technology, production, and creative to deliver one of the most complex virtual events planned by American Express Meetings & Events.

The team traveled on-site to oversee all filming and production, the one-to-one appointment showcase platform, and attendee management, and to deliver and manage the end result.


Typically, presenters from across the world attend to present business updates, future year plans, and recognition awards. With travel restrictions in place, US-based presenters were flown in to film at a central location while international presenters were brought in through live and prerecorded content. This was a 7-day filming event, resulting in 70 hours of footage that was distilled into 16 hours of event content.


With attendee connections being critical to this event’s success, American Express Meetings & Events coordinated multiple peer-to-peer connection points during the event and earned a 90+% attendee satisfaction rating. The team curated a cross-platform approach by utilizing partner technology via a mobile app and computer-based communications.

The mobile app generated over 71,100 minutes of engagements, delivering 7,670 contact shares over 1,000 posts. Additionally, the team implemented peer-to-peer lounges, a corporate social responsibility initiative, and a closing event driven by attendee submissions to deliver INTER[action]’s own “Funniest Home Videos Show,” complete with supplier prizes for the finalists.

The team is now planning a global, multi-hub hybrid experience for INTER[action] 2021. The event will take place from Dec. 14 to 17, 2021. Learn more about it here.