Restarting your corporate travel program won’t merely be about ticking off a checklist of safety standards. The world of business travel has changed dramatically, with companies shifting their program priorities and having additional considerations when assessing a trip’s criteria.

Before COVID, some deciding factors for approving a work trip centered around compliant supplier choices, sufficient budget, justifiable travel, and destination risk. But today, additional requirements have been added to the list,  such as confirming satisfactory supplier protocols, strengthening duty of care provisions, navigating government permissions and documentation, and determining employee willingness and ability to travel.

It may seem like a lot to take on, but American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) is here with you every step of the way to help your company resume its travel program. We may not have total influence over your ability to travel – i.e., we don’t have a magic wand to remove government travel restrictions or speed up the vaccination rollout. But we are here to assist you with your company’s travel readiness as a whole so stakeholders and travelers can confidently move forward when your travel program opens back up.

One way we are doing so is by arming our clients with the information they need to get ready to travel in today’s environment with our dedicated #TravelReady microsite. From this one place, you and your travelers can access the latest travel updates and tips to confidently make plans and preparations.

Since your return to travel will be a team effort, we have included resources tailored to different key players in your organization. There are blog posts and tip sheets geared to travelers and arrangers, white papers for travel, HR, and meeting managers, and product details of our “back to travel” solutions for procurement decision makers.  And keep an eye out as we’ll be continually updating the site and unveiling more content aimed at other roles in the coming weeks.

The site also includes access to two solutions we’ve launched to instill confidence in your employees who rely on travel and in-person meetings to do their job right: Travel Vitals, a search tool that easily allows users to search every component of their trip for pertinent health and safety information, and Workspaces, a workspace booking platform that can help employees ease back into face-to-face meetings.

Whether your organization is looking to restart your travel program in six weeks or six months, there’s information on #TravelReady you’ll find useful at every stage of your relaunch that can help get your business fully ready to take on the world again.

Take a tour of #TravelReady.