We know how difficult traveling for business can be at times and we want to do whatever we can to make it easier for our corporate travelers, which is why we are constantly striving to perfect our tools and corporate travel technology. This includes our Amex GBT Mobile app, which we recently have rebuilt and are relaunching.

With new features that greatly improve the user experience along with the tried-and-true favorites, here are the top 10 reasons business travelers will love Amex GBT Mobile. And if you don’t have the app on your device yet, well, what are you waiting for? You can download it here if you’re an iPhone user and here if you have an Android device.

Note: The Amex GBT Mobile app currently is only available to clients of American Express Global Business Travel. It will become available to clients of HRG at a later date.

1. Sign in with your fingerprint or face

We know how much of a balancing act it can be to try to log in on the go, especially when one hand is connected to your carry-on and you’re hustling to catch a flight. That’s why we have made the password process for Amex GBT Mobile super easy by allowing you to log in simply with your fingerprint or face on enabled iOS and Android devices. Plus, you also have the option of staying logged in to the app for 30 days, so you don’t have to even think about signing in for a full month.

2. Book a complete trip using Neo

Now here’s a special new feature that will make booking a cinch: Travelers who use Neo to book their travel now can do so within Amex GBT Mobile. All you need to do is click on the “book your own travel” button within the “Booking” tab and in a few clicks, you can reserve your flight, hotel and car. Once Neo completes the booking, the full itinerary automatically will be sent to the “Trips” section in Amex GBT Mobile.

3. Or book via Chat Assistance

Don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about those of you who do not use Neo as a booking tool. You can book trips in the newly redesigned app by using our in-app Chat Assistance, which connects you directly to a travel counselor who can assist with your plans. You simply need to provide your travel dates and destinations and an agent can begin building your itinerary. Now how easy is that?

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4. Reserve a hotel via Booking.com

Yes, you read that right. Travelers can book content from the popular travel aggregator/metasearch engine straight from our app within the “Booking” tab. Once the Booking.com reservations are complete, all itinerary details will be captured in the “Trips” tab.

5. Book a hotel with Trip Recommender

If you’ve neglected to book your accommodation when reserving a flight, no worries. Our Trip Recommender tool will offer a few personalized suggestions based on your lodging preferences, travel policy and where you have stayed in the past. You easily can review the hotels we’ve handpicked for you and book your top choice with a single tap.

6. Have your full itinerary at your fingertips

No more fishing around for email messages in your trash folder for that hotel confirmation email you think you’ve deleted. With Amex GBT Mobile, all your important travel information instantly gets stored in one easy-to-find location — under the “Trips” tab. So whether you need to review the gate where you’ll be boarding your flight or the address of the hotel where you’re staying, the information all can be effortlessly found in seconds.

7. Easily check in to your flight

Nope, you don’t need to dig up any lost email messages to do this task either. From within the “Trips” section, you can check in to your flight up to 24 hours prior to departure. And the best part is, our smart check-in form automatically will prepopulate contact and travel details that the airlines ask you to fill in.

8. Automatically receive trip updates

Rejoice! No more constantly checking the boarding gate monitor or waiting for a text from the airline to see that your flight isn’t taking off on time or not at all. With our app, you will receive push notifications with news of flight delays and cancellations — as well as other useful nuggets of information, such as which baggage claim to collect your luggage — directly in the “Updates” tab.

9. Click to call or chat to receive assistance

Need to speak to a travel counselor who can assist with booking a trip? How about rebooking a flight that’s been cancelled? With the app, it’s a painless process. You can connect by clicking one of the smart action buttons with options about why you need assistance or simply by pressing the phone icon button. Either way, a travel counselor quickly will be on the case.

10. Get help with Proactive Traveler Care™ and Expert Care™

But that’s not all. More app improvements are in the works! In the coming months, we’re introducing even more features, including hotel reviews, a boarding countdown timer, and the ability to share your itinerary and sync it to your calendar. So stay tuned!