Optimism reigns and automation gains appeal.

By Gerardo Tejado, senior vice president, professional services, American Express GBT Meetings & Events

Meetings and events will continue to be an exciting industry to be a part of in 2024, with the overall mood remaining positive – even more so than in 2023.

After surveying over 500 meetings and events professionals, and conducting in-depth interviews with over a dozen industry leaders, it’s clear – 2024 is going to be a dynamic year, characterized by substantial growth and tech adoption.

Key industry trends

On top of the enduring emphasis on the value of of in-person meetings, the report has highlighted many more key trends set to shape the evolution we’re witnessing in the meetings and events realm. These include the adoption of technology and leveraging of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), a greater commitment to sustainability, and a renewed focus on smaller, simpler meetings.

And that’s not all – emerging technologies used to streamline and automate event planning are taking center stage now planners realize time saved from admin tasks can be channeled into more strategic and creative endeavors. We’re also expecting to see a surge in adoption of robotics, AI, and data analysis systems, with technology poised to help track and manage corporate sustainability goals.

Navigating the challenges successfully

Although the mood remains positive, professionals are still likely to face a myriad of complex challenges, including global inflation, ongoing staff shortages, higher attendee expectations, and the growing importance to not only act sustainably but also explicitly demonstrate that sustainability is a priority.

Meeting planners can respond to these obstacles by harnessing the available tools effectively. They can do this by using technology to automate tasks, revising meeting program policies for faster budget approvals, integrating travel for business and meetings, and working closely with their partners and agencies.

And if you’re wondering how you’re going to keep up, we’ve added a brand new special section to the report – ‘7 actionable insights to elevate your meetings program’. This will help you stay ahead with the latest trends and confront any potential challenges head on.

Don’t miss this valuable foresight

I eagerly await this report each year as it serves as a definitive signpost for the vibrant growth of our industry and offers a glimpse into the potential challenges we might face. It allows us to witness the dynamic evolution of trends and observe how meeting professionals are adeptly embracing new modes of work. And this year is certainly no different.

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