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Travel Tips & Trends

The Latest Airport Security Measures Being Tested Around the World

As we’ve reported in the Atlas last year, airports across the world have been introducing a slew of biometric tools and other technology to improve security and expedite long lines….

Travel Tips & Trends

How Automation and Artificial Intelligence Are Helping Us to Help You

Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Bots. Automation. All this technology is becoming very useful in our industry, particularly in performing the ultra-tedious, repetitive tasks not many humans want to be doing…

Travel Tips & Trends

How AI Is Improving the Business Travel Experience

“AI” is a buzzword being thrown around in the industry a lot these days. But as Marilyn Markham, global product director at American Express Global Business Travel (GBT), explains, when…

Travel Tips & Trends

Tips to Stay Healthy When Traveling for Business

Late-night drinks with clients. Caloric airport food. Weeks of no exercise. While it may be easy to overlook the poor decisions we tend to make when traveling for business, in…

Travel Tips & Trends

Country-by-Country Etiquette Tips for Business Travelers

You may have built a strong rapport with a client you’re visiting on business, but the relationship can sour if you somehow have offended them by unknowingly committing a cultural…

Travel Tips & Trends

The World’s Top 10 Airports Where You Won’t Mind Being Stranded

Now we’re not saying corporate travelers ever hope for a flight delay or layover, but there are a few airports they certainly wouldn’t mind being stuck in. The airport-ranking site…

Travel Tips & Trends

When in San Diego…A Business Traveler’s Guide to Navigating the Site of GBTA’s 2018 Convention

It may not be in a central location like Nashville or Chicago or have as many hotel rooms or golf courses as Orlando, but beautiful San Diego is one of…

Travel Tips & Trends

What Hotel Consolidation Means for Travelers’ Loyalty Points

Within the past three years, four of the five world’s largest hotels have been involved in a merger or acquisition. To refresh your memory: InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) acquired the…

Travel Tips & Trends

When in Chicago…A Business Traveler’s Guide to Navigating the Windy City

It’s a frequent stomping ground for business travelers from all over North America. Easily reachable from either coast as well as its Canadian neighbor above, Chicago often sits at the…

Travel Tips & Trends

A Guide to the Boutique-Style Hotels from the Big Brands

If the traditional, large hotel chains are a bit too cookie-cutter for you and you (or your company) are not digging the Airbnb experience, don’t worry. There are plenty of…

Travel Tips & Trends

When in Henderson…A Business Traveler’s Guide to Navigating Nevada’s Second-Largest City

It may not have all the ritz and glitz of its nearby Vegas neighbor, but don’t think that the serene and pristine town of Henderson isn’t a business-friendly destination. With…

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2018 Global Health Outlook: What Business Travelers Should Know

This content was derived from iJET International’s 2018 Global Forecast Disease outbreaks such as Zika and Ebola gain significant international media attention and elicit emotional responses, but what are the…