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Always book the best available price

We think booking low prices should be easy. That’s why our automated auditing tools make sure your negotiated rates are always loaded into your booking system properly. And after a trip has been booked, our sister products—AIR RESHOP EXPERT and Automated Hotel Reshopping —work together to monitor prices and automatically rebook lower prices as they become available. Booking savings made seamless. Say goodbye to the days of worrying about when to book.



Price monitoring

Within a 24-hour window after a booking has been made, we monitor prices for the same flight every three hours.


Automatic rebooking

If a lower price is found for the same flight, we’ll automatically rebook and reticket the flight and send the traveler an updated itinerary.


No fuss — just savings

No additional transaction fees are issued for the rebooking, which means no additional work for the travel manager.


Never let a ticket go to waste

Trips don’t always go as planned. Meetings are rescheduled. Locations change. And sometimes, trips are canceled. Typically, those already purchased, unused tickets go to waste. But with AIR TRACK EXPERT, travel managers can automatically identify unused tickets and then obtain a refund or credit. So when plans change, you save.

Automated Hotel Reshopping


Better rates & amenities 

Ensure that your travelers are accessing lower rates, better amenities, and perks when booking a hotel.


Monitor spending

Once a change is confirmed, we’ll rebook the trip at the lower price. 


Strengthen hotel attachment

Increase your company’s confidence in accessing lower rates, even after a booking takes place.  

How it works

Automated Hotel Reshopping

Automated Hotel Reshopping delivers hotel savings through hotel search and rate tracking technology. This technology ensures travelers are getting the best hotel rate against a current booking at the same property. Integration with American Express Global Business Travel servicing fulfills the hotel savings opportunities! Moreover, improved hotel compliance and attachment are additional benefits of the solution. 

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