Strategic partnership provides customers with full spectrum of travel risk management services from planning and risk assessment to traveler communication and evacuation

 New York, NY, November 30, 2015 – American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) today announced an expanded partnership with iJET International (iJET®), a leading provider of risk management solutions. Through this partnership, customers of GBT’s flagship traveler care solution, EXPERT CARE, will be able to select from of a wide range of travel risk management and response capabilities iJET offers and benefit from fully-customized and flexible solutions designed specifically to address their company’s travel patterns and ensure safety throughout every stage of the traveler’s journey.

 “We’re excited to partner with iJET and have been working for several months now to develop a solution that provides travel managers and their companies with greater access to communication and risk management tools before, during and after a disruption happens,” said Evan Konwiser, Vice President, Digital Traveler, American Express Global Business Travel. “Continuing to build on our EXPERT CARE solution is one of our highest priorities, and now more than ever, we are reminded of how critically important traveler care is to our customers and their business travelers.”

 According to iJET, the number of annual global travel disruptions in 2015 grew 13 percent year over year to nearly 6,000 incidents, to date. In today’s global business environment, these events can happen anytime, anyplace and can have a profound impact on companies and their business travelers. Traveler care continues to be a top focus for companies worldwide with a growing need for end-to-end travel management solutions that ensure traveler safety before, during and after a traveler’s trip. From pre-trip planning to post-trip intelligence and information and everything in between, companies and their travel managers want fully integrated and easy-to-use solutions that meet the needs of their specific travel program. This partnership provides GBT’s and iJET’s mutual customers with greater insight, expertise and flexibility through a combined offering of the two companies’ best-in-class solutions and resources.


  • EXPERT CARE has the capability of identifying more than one traveler booked on the same flight or rail segment and addressing it pre-trip to ensure customers can take action to reduce risk and comply with insurance regulations. Additionally, in the time leading up to a trip, travel managers and their companies are able to use iJET’s risk intelligence to view in-depth risk details for their travelers’ destinations through country-specific alerts, interactive maps and expert insights. With greater access to risk intelligence and training in advance of their traveler’s trips, companies can assess the risks associated with having employees travel to specific destinations and adjust their programs accordingly. Travel managers and travelers can take advantage of iJET’s wide range of preparedness resources by participating in webinars and online training videos available through iJET University.



  • With travel disruptions happening anytime, anywhere, travel managers and their companies must have a pulse on the locations of their travelers at any given point throughout their journey. GBT’s EXPERT CARE solution enables companies to locate, communicate with, and prioritize aid to travelers impacted by a travel disruption. iJET intelligent alerts provide updates about potential risks. The joint solution also includes the integration of near real-time flight information and the ability to integrate card swipe data from American Express® Corporate Card usage, making it easier for travel managers to pinpoint the most recent locations of their travelers and identify and communicate with employees. Through the asset management feature, companies can also quickly locate and communicate with employees at specific corporate locations and those traveling, through two-way email, text and push messaging options.
  • Travel managers and business travelers are able to access dedicated hotline services 24/7 and take advantage of iJET’s security and medical response capabilities as unforseen events may arise. All operations are conducted with an iJET Senior Incident Manager and an incident management team providing command, control and communications support until the person arrives safely back home.



  • Once travelers arrive back to their origins safely, companies and travelers are able to benefit from iJET’s Health Intelligence to have greater visiblity and understanding into what are often symptoms that are only felt upon returning home. Travel managers have access to iJET’s ongoing reports and executive decision support resources to refine or enhance programs to support future travel.


American Express Global Business Travel is a well-respected leader and driving force in the travel management community,” said Theresa Thomas, Vice President Travel Partnerships, iJET International Inc. “We share GBT’s commitment to providing customers with the expertise, insight and flexibility to enhance their travelers’ experiences. We look forward to working closely with GBT to deliver integrated travel risk management services and enable continued growth for our customers as their needs evolve.”

For more information on EXPERT CARE, please visit or contact your American Express Global Business Travel representative.

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