Are you worried about the impact of rising travel costs on your company’s budget? Or maybe you find yourself in the dark about the full extent of the damage due to limited visibility into employee spend. It’s an understandable situation to be in, especially when you’re focused on propelling your business forward and have a pile of other pressing priorities. However, the ultimate question remains: Where is your hard-earned money really going?

Fortunately, there’s a solution that can address these concerns – one that can deliver significant travel savings and a crystal-clear view of your company’s financial position.

Meet Neo1TM, an integrated expense management tool that will allow you to take charge of every dollar your employees spend. No matter what business essentials they purchase – trips, subscription services, office equipment – Neo1 helps you pre-approve, source, procure, process, and report on the spend in a single location.

With Neo1’s intuitive reporting dashboard, you can quickly get an accurate view of your cash flow and employee spending habits, while its approval and reconciliation features eliminate opportunities for fraud and pesky accounting errors.

But that’s not the only way Neo1 can help you save. When your team books travel using the tool, they’ll access the same pre-negotiated rates as our corporate clients.

One of the best things about Neo1? You only need a few minutes to get signed up and started.

Download our new e-book, “5 Minutes to Business Travel Savings,” now to learn more about how Neo1 can save you time and money.