With the emphasis on health and wellness in the travel industry, touchless travel journeys are becoming more of the norm rather than the exception. The new digitalized traveler wants technology that’s fast, safe, and personalized to their needs at various passenger checkpoints to minimize wait time and limit contact exposure. As you’re probably aware, travel in today’s world is more complex than before. Many companies are looking for ways to offset that complexity through a seamless experience for travelers.

We’ve noticed that biometric technology that identifies people through facial recognition, voice, fingerprint scanning, iris recognition, or heart-rate sensors has become increasingly popular. According to Airports Council International, there’s been a heightened focus on biometric technologies and face recognition ever since 9/11. These types of technologies let travelers identify themselves within seconds, so there’s no need to physically interact with airport staff ­– a key advantage as many of our clients return back to blue skies.

A frictionless experience

Given the essential need to travel, we’re always looking for ways to enhance the digital touchless travel experience for our clients. That’s why American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) recently collaborated with CLEAR, a biometrics screening company. CLEAR gives travelers access to a fast and predictable check-in experience through dedicated entry lanes in airport security checkpoints and sports and entertainment venues across the US. Considering its convenient locations, we wanted to make sure our clients got the most of it, so we’re offering CLEAR membership options with preferred pricing. We’re also proud to announce, we’re the first corporate travel management company to form a collaboration with CLEAR. Here’s what CLEAR’s Executive Vice President Operations Kasra Moshkani has to say about our new relationship:

“The relationship with GBT presents CLEAR with an amazing opportunity to open up safe and frictionless airport experiences to a whole new set of travelers. We are eager to get this ball rolling and welcome new travelers into the CLEAR family.”

Wondering what the CLEAR travel experience is like? You get a faster way to go through airport security and an easier check-in process before boarding your flight for enhanced air travel. That’s because CLEAR uses touchless biometric technology to do a quick capture of your eyes and face, confirm it’s really you, and validate your travel credentials.

CLEAR helps boost travel confidence

Having a CLEAR membership can raise the comfort level in traveling at a time when many travel managers are looking to lower hurdles for their employees as they head back to airports again. And it helps to know that CLEAR is widely available in the US with plans for expansion in more areas of the country. A quick search on its site reveals that CLEAR is at over 50 airports, stadiums, and venues in the US. Do our clients use those airports? They sure do. Those airports include the top 10 used by our clients. That’s based on our data from January to September 2021.

Connecting to your health pass makes it even easier

Also good to know is that CLEAR Plus members get access to the CLEAR mobile app. When you download the app, you’ll be able to use Health Pass, a complimentary service that connects your verified identity with important health information. By uploading your digital vaccine card to Health Pass, you’ll find it’s easier to visit venues that accept COVID-19 vaccinations for entry. GBT will not have access to any health information provided to CLEAR.

When it comes to privacy, CLEAR is fully committed to protecting members’ personal information. According to CLEAR, it advances its technology on a continuous basis so that your information is always protected and never sold. And the fact that CLEAR is Safety Act Certified by the Department of Homeland Security is yet another reason to feel comfortable about using its touchless technology. To learn more about CLEAR, click here.

While it’s evident that CLEAR can quicken the airport experience, you may have additional needs when it comes to business travel. Let us know your thoughts so we can suggest the appropriate solution.