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Sustainable Products and Platforms

Amex GBT is committed to dramatically reducing the impact of our business travel and helping our clients do the same. Understanding carbon emissions is an important step. We strive to stay on top of proven science to provide you with the highest quality and consistent data.

How are emissions calculated?

There is a range of factors that go into emissions calculations, such as flight distance, aircraft type, class of service, and rail mileage. We match up these factors against industry-recognized methodologies to estimate the impact of your trip. We then display the results in our online booking tools and other products.

Now what?

Even small travel decisions can have a positive effect on your company’s overall impact to climate change. Our products help travelers compare rail and air emissions, identify eco-friendly hotels, and book electric and hybrid car rentals.

Take your action to the next level

Making green choices can only get you so far. Your organization can also partner with us by investing in carbon offsets and sustainable aviation fuel.

Want to learn more

We're here to help whether you’re first considering business trips or you already have a travel program.

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