In 2015, a world-renowned cosmetics company noticed they were generating significant travel program costs while their travelers were missing the target when complying to their travel policy.

Their travelers were having trouble navigating the online booking tool since the policy was out of date, so they simply bypassed the whole online booking process and called an offline travel counselor instead. All of this created a low online adoption rate of only 20%¹. On top of that, they did not have a dedicated client manager assigned to their business; they instead had the assistance of a shared support team.

As their Travel Management Company (TMC), we had to correct the course before we lost a valuable customer. It was time to raise the bar and exceed their expectations.

Initially we ran a detailed audit of all the traveler issues. By identifying the pain points, we developed a plan to correct the course.

We wanted to make sure the revamped travel program had ongoing support, so a dedicated client general manager, Jacqui, was assigned to the account. She set up weekly calls to answer pressing questions and navigate re-launch issues.

Policy Upgrade
Our first updates included a revamp of their travel policy by adding preferred hotels to the online booking tool, which boosted company compliance levels, specifically with hotel.

“We knew traveler frustration was fueled by the lack of updated hotel and air options within the online booking tool. By updating the policy, travelers could easily book travel with multiple options using preferred vendors—especially hotels. Policy compliance increased, which in turn reflected an accurate volume of travel and created better negotiating power,” said their American Express GBT Client Manager, Jacqui.

System optimization
To further enhance data accuracy and reporting, we worked with the cosmetic company’s key contact to clean up the database to ensure accurate, up-to-date traveler profiles within the online booking tool, along with faster search capabilities for travel bookers.

“By reducing the significant amount of outdated information, travel bookers can rely on the database to book employee travel,” said Jacqui.

Once the policy and system were ready for use, the focus pivoted to generating employee buy-in.

“We conducted two detailed travel forums for all users and travel bookers to ensure understanding of the tool’s functionality, as well as the benefits of booking online, including transaction fee savings and better time management.”

Dedicated Support
In addition, we wanted to make sure the company continually received personalized service, so we integrated our PERSONAL ASSISTANT platform into their travel program. This solution provides the level of care the company required without the expense of an on-site travel manager by using a core group of service consultants that aid in the booking process.

The company’s outlook turned as we delivered on some prolific results:

  • Increased online adoption by 45%¹ in three months creating 65%¹ online adoption with a goal of 80%¹ by June 2016
  • Transaction savings of approximately $40,000¹
  • Drastically increased compliance, program support, and improved duty of care


¹Source: American Express Global Business Travel reporting

  • INDUSTRY: Consumer goods
  • TRAVELERS: 250+



  • Excessive travel costs
  • Low traveler compliance and adoption
  • Insufficient booking methods



  • Updated travel policy
  • Improved online booking functionality
  • Created traveler training



  • 45%¹ increase in online adoption within three months
  •  $40,000¹  in transaction savings
  • Drastically increased compliance, program support, and improved duty of care

 “By updating the policy, the company was able to use preferred vendors—especially hotels—that created better negotiating power while also increasing traveler compliance.”  – Jacqui, American Express GBT Client Manager