• Messaging on the Amex GBT Mobile app expands to more than 24 countries
  • Travel managers and arrangers can now send customized push notifications to travelers
  • Live messaging with GBT travel counsellors via Apple Business Chat reaches more countries

LONDON, August 24, 2020 – American Express Global Business Travel (GBT), the world’s leading business partner for managed travel, has expanded messaging capabilities and made enhancements to the Amex GBT Mobile platform, elevating the on-the-go care experience for travel managers and business travelers.

As part of a mobile-first approach, the option to message with a GBT travel counsellor via the Amex GBT Mobile App has expanded to more than 24 countries where GBT has a proprietary presence. A new push notification feature in the app called Travel Program Notification will allow travel managers to send timely messages and tips to travelers based on their location. Expansion to two-way conversations via push notifications will be available in the coming months.

Meanwhile, the option for business travelers to message live with a GBT travel counsellor via Apple Business Chat using the Messages app on iPhone and iPad has expanded to more GBT client segments and to more countries beyond the US, including Canada, France, Germany and the UK.

“Mobile and messaging channels have untapped potential to be a conduit between the travel manager, traveler and travel counsellor in today’s constantly changing travel information environment,” said Andrew Crawley, GBT’s Chief Commercial Officer. “COVID-19 has been a catalyst for the expansion of our messaging capabilities and platform. We are thinking differently about information as a service and want to help our clients support the needs of their travelers by being present in the channels they trust.”

Travel Vitals™, GBT’s new travel briefing platform, is a key part of a mobile-first strategy to instil confidence in clients and travellers with access to accurate information. Amex GBT Mobile users can now access a know-before-you-go feature in the app that highlights itinerary-specific data from Travel Vitals to create a customized, pre-trip briefing summary highlighting relevant travel regulations and restrictions.

GBT is one of the only travel management companies to offer multiple channels for travelers to message directly with a live travel counsellor. In addition to Apple Business Chat and the Amex GBT Mobile App, travelers can message via Connect Portal™, a single online hub where travelers access their company’s online booking tool, policies and news, as well as personal itineraries, invoices and profile information. Expansion to additional popular messaging channels is planned before the end of the year.

More information about the Amex GBT Mobile App can be found here.


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