An exciting new partnership with™ to bring even more rooms and rates to one place1

More Properties

Over 2 million properties in more than 225 countries and territories with an  increased number of boutique hotels to choose from.

More Availability

Greater chance of staying where you want, when you want with additional availability in markets traditionally underserved.

More Rate Choices

Access to negotiated rates with the ability to compare multiple rate options at the same property.

More Flexibility

Book now, pay later—no prepayment necessary for rates when booked through GBT.

Want even more ways to save?

Look for rates in your Online Booking Tool when booking your next hotel.’s worldwide accommodation inventory is currently being integrated into GBT’s booking channels with the ability to book, change, and cancel reservations online or via phone.


See how our behind-the-scenes team helps avoid hiccups on the road


1 Hotel chain loyalty points and perks are not available with rooms and rates.

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