Hotel Re-shop ExpertTM (HRE) is an automated auditing tool that monitors hotel prices and rebooks less expensive like-for-like rates as they become available. HRE delivers realized savings to a client’s bottom line and increases productivity for travelers by addressing fluctuating hotel prices on their behalf.

With visibility into all public rates, American Express Global Business Travel (GBT), and client-negotiated rates, this fully proprietary solution searches for significant hotel savings and helps travelers acquire the best rate at their chosen property.


Like-for-like bookings at the same hotel property

Automatic traveler notification

Reporting capabilities

  • Similar room & bed type
  • Same cancellation policy
  • Same amenities
  • Traveler will be sent an updated GBT invoice notifying they have been re-shopped – no action required
  • Travelers can be excluded from the program (i.e., VIPs)
  • Gain full visibility of hotel savings for a more productive travel program
  • Analyze data to optimize hotel program performance
  • Strengthen negotiating power with more options to choose from, at lower rates


  • Fully Proprietary

    Technology powered by Global Trip Record™

  • Full Rate Access

    GBT, public, and client-negotiated rates

  • Bundled Product Fees

    Servicing, data, and transmission costs included

HRE reshopping is designed to provide a seamless traveler experience: