With the recent reduction in travel, corporate travel teams have an opportunity to enhance their programs so they are well equipped for the future. Is yours ready to face the new reality?

In this article, we share seven key areas to focus on to help make sure your company and your travelers are ready for what’s ahead. This includes:

  1. Shoring up your duty of care gaps – from traveler tracking capabilities to communication processes.
  2. Creating a policy that’s fit for the future – so you can plan how you’ll manage business travel as restrictions ease.
  3. Connecting with suppliers to drive savings on future travel – use the opportunity to lock in good pricing that works for your company.
  4.  Preparing for an increase in business travel – it will happen, so make sure you’re ready to instil confidence in your people when it does.
  5. Redesigning service and technology around new needs – while making sure you have complete visibility of where travelers are going, where they are coming from, and how to drive policy compliance.
  6. Redefining program value – looking beyond cost savings, and focusing in on how your suppliers can support your policy and duty of care initiatives.
  7. Evaluating your data and reporting capabilities – to be sure your reporting tools are supporting your new objectives, like traveler confidence, feedback, spend and policy enforcement.

With countries easing restrictions at different speeds – and as we all adjust to this period of transition – we’re right by your side in getting your travel program ready for this new reality.