Some companies may wonder why they need the aid of a corporate travel agency when there’s a slowdown in travel activities. But we would argue that during times of uncertainty is precisely when you need to partner with an experienced business travel agency like American Express Global Business Travel (GBT).

Let’s explore a few reasons you should have a corporate travel agent on your side while navigating the increasingly complex world of business travel.

Assisting with duty of care obligations

If not already before, duty of care is now a top priority at most companies. Organizations need to have reliable systems for locating and assisting traveling employees when unexpected issues arise.

This is when the risk management services of a corporate travel agency can come in handy. Our incident management solution uses the vast amount of itinerary information in our big data platform, GPS technology, real-time flight status updates, and credit card swipe data to quickly pinpoint travelers’ whereabouts. It also sends alerts to security teams so they can prioritize helping those who are most likely impacted.

When travel shutdowns began causing global disruptions earlier this year, our teams in 140 countries helped bring tens of thousands of travelers back home when the options were very limited. Now imagine doing this kind of work without the expertise and support of a travel management company (TMC).

Providing reliable travel advisories

During periods of disruption, you need information you can trust. A corporate travel agency can be your go-to resource for intelligence-driven, up-to-the-minute travel information so you can confidently and expeditiously take action. Your TMC should closely monitor travel advisories – year-round – and provide servicing and risk management alerts from the most credible sources. This should include potential disruptions resulting from travel bans while also equipping support teams with the latest updates so they can service travelers better.

Delivering extra savings

Many companies tighten their budgets in times of economic flux, putting pressure on travel departments to cut costs and be price sensitive. While travelers may think they’re getting the best rates by booking directly with suppliers or via one of the many online travel agencies, often that is not the case. Using corporate travel services means that you can utilize an extensive network to find even greater savings.

Because of the longstanding supplier relationships we have built, GBT can offer your company some of the very best prices, including exclusive hotel offers and deep discounts off the best available rate at thousands of global properties – enabling you to reinvest those dollars saved to another part of the travel program. And with our advanced data analytics technology, you can retrieve accurate spend information and identify new savings opportunities to present at the next stakeholders meeting.

Giving you sound advice

As you navigate this new era in travel, it is crucial to have an advocate by your side, someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry and can counsel you on what steps to take to bolster your travel program in this volatile environment.

This is where a TMC can be your greatest ally. With our well-established relationships with suppliers across the travel ecosystem and robust forecasting tools, a corporate travel agency like GBT can advise you on which path to take that will balance both the needs of the company and your travelers. For more than 100 years, we have been helping clients navigate the ups, downs, and sideways of this ever-evolving landscape.

Want to learn more about how a TMC like GBT can help your company? Check out our “How Travel Management Companies Can Lend a Hand in a Disruption” e-book.

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