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Service + Technology = Better Experience

In 2016, we acquired KDS, the award-winning travel technology vendor that creates business value through user experience. This continues our history of service excellence with over two decades of technology innovation.
It also enables us to deliver an enhanced, end-to-end travel experience: pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip. For our clients, it means flexibility and simplicity for both the traveller and the travel manager while optimising savings and duty of care. With comprehensive content, a consumer-grade user experience and targeted engagement, our booking tool helps you bring your employees back into the managed travel programme, book within budgets and work towards your duty of care obligations. This is online booking – perfected.


Our online booking tool in action

Everything the modern business traveller needs, in one beautifully designed place.

Flexibility & Convenience

Our online booking is adapted to all your booker profiles. It combines the traditional approach to booking that seasoned arrangers are used to, with the modern approach designed for digital travelers who want to self-book across channels. And it brings all the information and content everyone demands in one place.

Compliant and rich content

We want our clients to access the content they choose: the content that answers the modern travelers’ needs. And the content that is compliant. Our tool displays bookable GDS, non-GDS, and third party content, along with any negotiated rates. You will have the capability to set up multiple, flexible and smart rules that drive what the user sees and books. We make sure your business travellers get the right content at the right price to help them make the right choice.

Spend visibility with Total Cost of Trip

Discover the only booking tool capable of calculating the cost of an entire itinerary, including meals and transfers, before booking. This empowers bookers and approvers to evaluate the ROI of a trip before deciding to go ahead and spend. This is how one in 20 trips is avoided, saving not only the company money but also employees’ time and respecting their work/life balance and productivity.

Integrated Booking Technology

Bringing you the ultimate combination of service and technology.