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Travel Ready

A Stage-by-Stage Game Plan for Getting #TravelReady

As travel has begun to rise with the rollout of vaccines, we’ve been receiving more queries from clients about how to restart their travel programs. Our response: It depends on…

Meetings & Events

7 Tips on How to Create a Hybrid Event That Keeps Attendees Engaged

Keeping 10, 20, 30 people engaged during a virtual meeting can be challenging with all the distractions at home, so how the heck do you keep hundreds or even thousands…

Travel Insights

Give Your Travelers the Customized Air Shopping Experience They Are Seeking – No Direct Bookings Required

According to a recent Phocuswire report, US travelers have a strong penchant for booking air direct. The study found that eight out of 10 dollars spent on air tickets online…

Research & Insights

Tail-end Spend 101: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Let’s begin by tackling the first question above – what is tail-end spend? While the definition may vary from industry to industry, you can consider tail-end spend as those smaller,…

Meetings & Events

5 Ways to Incorporate Wellness Into Your Next Virtual or Hybrid Event

Health and wellness has become an increasing trend within the meetings and events industry. According to the “Wellness in Meetings and Incentive Travel Study” by the Incentive Research Foundation, 68%…

Research & Insights

5 Ways Neo1 Can Help Businesses Budget and Manage Employee Spend

Budgeting for big-ticket expenses, like office rent, salary, and benefits, is simple enough. These types of recurring expenditures, in which the numbers generally are the same month to month, can…