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Travel News

Actions That Can Elevate Your Corporate Travel Program

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back to reassess, refocus and reprioritize in order to make changes that can elevate your corporate travel program. But we understand how difficult…

Regional Focus

What Travellers Need to Know in the Event of a No-Deal Brexit

It’s all coming down to the wire and there are still many questions. With ten days to go before the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union and…

Research & Insights

The Air Monitor 2019 from American Express Global Business Travel

This report, exploring and analyzing key factors that will affect your air travel buying in 2019, is produced by the Global Business Consulting team. It is one of a series designed by our consultants and…

Research & Insights

How Corporate Travel Programs Can Combat Airline Ancillary Fees

According to a newly released report by IdeaWorks and CarTrawler, airlines were on track to make nearly $93 billion worldwide in 2018 on the ancillary fees they charge for things…

Research & Insights

Business Travel Trends: In 2019, It’s All About Data

When considering what the business travel landscape will look like in 2019 and how corporate travel programs will be affected, there is one word that will be on the tips…

Research & Insights

The 411 on Our 101 Travel Management Guides

Whether you just became the leader of your travel department or “travel manager” is an addendum to your full-time role, running a corporate travel program is a more complicated job…

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