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Travel Tips & Trends

Airbnb for Business Travel: What to Consider For Your Travel Program

Whether it’s for business, leisure or a mixture of both, travelers generally select their accommodations based on two things: price and experience. More and more, they’re seeing Airbnb as a…

Regional Focus

Business Etiquette in China

For western business travelers heading to China, acclimating isn’t simply a matter of getting their physical bearings — it’s about finding their way on an interpersonal level, too. There are…

Regional Focus

Tips for Traveling to China on Business

Even for veteran business travelers, visiting China can be a disorienting experience. From navigating all the entry requirements to finding your way around a country where little English is spoken,…

Research & Insights

Multigenerational Travel Programs Meet Your Team Where They Are At

If your program is comprised of travelers from all three generations, a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t do. You need to have a blend of perks and policies that appeal to…

Research & Insights

Air Travel Forecast 2018

What is the outlook for air travel in 2018? According to our newly released Global Business Travel Forecast, demand is rapidly expanding on a global level. Yet, while fares are…

Meetings & Events

Finding the Right Event Space

In 2018, meeting planners are putting a dedicated focus on attendee experience (over scale). So, finding the right event space is more important now than ever before. Learn more about…

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