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Regional Focus

Providing Children in Vulnerable Communities Access to Education During a Time of Disruption

“Sustainability” has become synonymous with the environment and how we decelerate climate change. As a leading travel management company (TMC) in a unique position to effect positive change in the…

Meetings & Events

Eight Key Considerations to Create Engaging Virtual and Hybrid Meetings and Events Experiences

There is no substitute for face-to-face interactions, but virtual and hybrid meetings and events are an effective way to reach a broad audience and maximize your investment. They provide a…

Travel Tips & Trends

A Duty of Care Priority: Supporting the Well-being of Employees Working Remotely

The current health crisis not only has interfered with business travel, but it’s also shaken up office life. Quarantine measures are forcing entire workforces to perform their work duties from…

Research & Insights

[On-Demand Webinar] What’s the New Meaning of Duty of Care?

In today’s evolving landscape of business travel, the definition of duty of care is evolving like never before. Conventionally, duty of care has been taken at face value, simply focusing…

Research & Insights

Top Tips for Travel Managers: How Can You Minimize Cost and Risk Caused by Disruption to Your Travel Program?

Proactively review your trip approval process: There are tools available that trigger automatic leader approvals before a ticket is issued – this could be based on destination, employee seniority, and…

Travel News

Working From Home: Set Yourself Up for Success and Sanity

Many of us find ourselves working from home due to precautions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. Whether you are joining the remote workforce for the first time or increasingly…

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