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Travel Insights

Are Ride-hailing Services a Safe Option for Business Travelers Today?

There’s a variety of reasons ride-hailing services offered through providers like Lyft and Uber have become so popular: They’re convenient. With this on-demand service, travelers don’t have to waste time…

Travel Insights

On the Road to Wellbeing – 5 Steps for Understanding and Managing the Impact of Business Travel on Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the growing corporate focus on employee wellbeing. However, while many travel managers routinely talk with their stakeholders across the organization on topics such as policy,…

Regional Focus

Brexit in 2021: How It May Impact Your Business Travelers and Your Corporate Travel Programme

Note: As of this writing, the information below is up-to-date, but because of ongoing developments, you may wish to check the UK government’s website for the latest updates. After nearly…

Travel Insights

Buyer Beware: What to Be Leery of When Evaluating a Travel Management Company

Much has been written about the qualities to look for in a travel management company (TMC), but it’s also important to assess its shortcomings. To help you with your TMC…

Travel Insights

Trying to Predict Airfares When The Unpredictable Happens

With airfares fluctuating frequently, knowing when to buy and when to wait for a better deal to come along can be tricky. Airfare prediction apps such as Google Flights and…

Research & Insights

What Does It Take to Solve a Company’s Cash Flow Issues?

Lots of people have great ideas, ideas that could solve a common issue many are having. Yet, many of these ideas never come to fruition since it takes tenacity, stamina,…