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Know your travel program

When data analysis is done right, it makes life simpler. Our report-ing products combine advanced business intelligence technology with our global breadth of data and consulting expertise to deliver just that. We give businesses the power to understand what’s happening and help them discover new insights to improve their pro-gramme and savings.

Premier Insights™

One platform to maximize travel insights investment.


Everything the modern business traveller needs, in one beautifully designed place.


Compare your travel program to similar organisations so you know how it’s doing.


See how adjustments to your travel program will affect your bot-tom line with easy to use projection models.


Get automated suggestions on how to make savings and increase the value of your travel program.

Green Insights

As global citizens, we care deeply about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and environmental sustainability. That’s why, whenever possible, we try to reduce the environmental impact of travel. Green Insighs™ is our way of helping businesses measure, monitor and reduce their travel-related carbon emissions. The goal is to make life on this planet just a little bit better for everyone.