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Locate and communicate with your travellers when you need to

The world is full of uncertainty. And businesses need to be more proactive than ever to support and protect travellers. Our travel disruption and risk management platform enables you to monitor travel plans proactively, identify and communicate quickly with travellers globally and support their authorised security and travel management teams to make informed decisions.

It is especially in times like this that we truly support how American Express Global Business Travel steps up, mobilises your staff and is relentless in making sure our employees and their families are contacted and communicated with.

American Express Global Business Travel customer

Everything the modern business traveller needs, in one beautifully designed place.

Locate & communicate

From one intuitive interface, Travel Managers can use booking information and American Express® Card transactions to track disrupted travellers during a crisis and then communicate with them via text, email or mobile notification.

Act fast

Real-time insights and intelligence give Travel Managers the ability to swiftly prioritise travellers in need and take immediate steps to get them out of trouble fast.

End-to-end crisis expertise

Our partnership with iJET™ enables us to deliver a fully customised and flexible travel solution, giving Travel Managers the ability to customised their risk management and response preferences.

Travel Risk Management

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