2024 Global Meetings and Events Forecast

Our 13th annual Global Meetings and Events Forecast is a statistically and globally representative picture of what the meetings and events industry will look like in 2024. It is based on a June-July 2023 survey of more than 500 meetings and events professionals as well as interviews with industry leaders that represent corporations, buyers, and suppliers from five continents and 26 countries.

This year’s report highlights key trends in the industry, including remarkable improvements in technology as well as AI adoption, the increasing need to incorporate sustainability into meeting programs, and a deepened focus on wellness and inclusivity. Industry leaders believe strong partnerships will be foundational for meeting professionals to successfully navigate the rapidly changing landscape. Above all, in-person meetings continue to play a vital role in bringing people together to harness creativity, build corporate culture, and drive growth.

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Meetings & Events in 2024

Global Activity: Firing on All Cylinders

The mood among meeting professionals is positive and also overwhelmed. The return to in-person meetings is happening more rapidly and at a greater volume than expected; however, the numbers are expected to stabilize in 2024. Survey respondents are very optimistic about the health of the meetings and events industry next year while organizations clearly appreciate the need to bring people together face-to-face and are willing to spend the money to do it.

Regional and Global Trends

Gain insight into key global and regional trends and activities shaping the meetings and events industry in 2024.  In our Global Meetings and Events Forecast, you will learn about the overall industry outlook on the changing workplace trends and increased focus on diversity and sustainability. Including how meeting management policies reflecting corporate messaging and branding on DE&I and green practices are being adopted and applied to all types of events. The research report also explores how planners across all regions are implementing strategies to both strengthen corporate culture and meet their organisation’s goals.

Designing Inclusive and Safe Events

As more organisations implement formal diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) policies, meeting owners are being tasked with safeguarding that their programs are tied into the overall corporate strategy. When we talk about safety in terms of meeting planning, we usually refer to it from a macro perspective, thinking about things that could affect all attendees: terrorism, weather, health, etc. But increasing DE&I also means making sure individual attendees are safe at a personal level, based on their specific circumstances and requirements.

Travel and Meetings Management: A One-Partner Approach

As organisations become more proactive about understanding the value of their meeting programs, it is more important than ever to implement formal meeting management policies that cover the what, why, and how of meeting planning. Working with an integrated travel and meetings management company can help.