2019 Global Meetings and Events Forecast

Looking into 2019, meeting professionals have an optimistic view of the meetings market. Our global survey shows planners in many regions are planning more meetings, for more attendees, and of longer duration. The industry is mature, stable, and achieving incremental growth. Download our 2019 Global Meetings and Events Forecast to find out more!

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Meetings & Events in 2019

Latin America Destination Report: Perceptions of Top 5 Cities

Almost 1.3 billion people traveled internationally in 2017, marking the strongest growth in seven years. The increase in worldwide travel has not only created a more sophisticated leisure traveler, but also raised the bar for meeting planners to provide unique meeting experiences. The challenge is to find a destination that offers the infrastructure and amenities needed for a meeting, but also excites and energizes well-traveled attendees. This special section explores Latin America’s growing popularity as a compelling destination for meetings and events!

The Future of Personalization

We are living in a world where delegates have increased expectations due to the continual advancements in technology. Content and experiences have evolved from simple online websites and portals to content-driven mobile apps, Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Meeting attendees have different personal and emotional requirements and we’re seeing a greater need to offer a more individual and personalized event experiences.  Learn more about the steady investment in data solutions and technologies to support more personalized events!

Learn About Regional and Global Trends

The meetings industry continues to change and evolve. In our Forecast you will gain insight into meeting trends and activity on a global and regional basis for 2019. You will learn what will likely impact the meetings industry and what it could mean for your meeting program at the regional and global levels. In the report, we also explore implications and recommended actions for your meeting owners.

Meetings Legal Trends

Legal developments around the globe are creating new “best practices” that cause companies both big and small to re-evaluate the ways in which meeting services are delivered.  In this special section, we explore the implications of three legal “hot buttons” – GDPR, emergency planning, and codes of conduct.

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