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Travel News

Why manage travel in the same place as employee spend?

Did you know? Travel spend can be managed just like any other employee spend You know that you need good visibility and accountability on all your employee spend, and travel…

Travel News

Amazon Business brings a world of purchasing into your spend management process with Neo1

Your business may be small, but you probably purchase a very large amount of different goods and services to keep it thriving. Whether you are buying stationary or uniforms, every…

Travel News

Now is the time to simplify the way you manage employee spend for better productivity

Cashflow is increasingly a top priority for most small businesses and many are looking at how to optimize it by getting a better handle on employee spend. If you can…

Travel News

5 signs that you need a new way to manage employee spend

If you think expense management only means collecting receipts for meals and taxi rides, think again. Your employees spend money every day on things they need for their job. For…

Travel Tips & Trends

Enjoy a Safer Journey With Our Pro Tip Checklist

Getting ready for your next business trip? To help you prepare for safe travels, we’ve put together a checklist that outlines the considerations travelers should take into account as they…

Travel News

Employee Spend Management with Neo1: What To Expect In The New World You Were Not Expecting

Employee spend may include all the money spent on goods and services your employees buy for business. Like many things, it has drastically changed in the past few months. The purchases…