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Always book the best available price

We think saving should be easy. That’s why your travellers always have access to the best available rates—air, car and hotel—whether they’re booking online of offline. And when it comes to air, we deliver even more savings with our automated rate assurance.  After flight is purchased, we monitor the price for the next 24 hours and rebook automatically if it goes down. Say goodbye to the days of worrying about when to book. 

Air Re-shop Expert™

Price monitoring

After a booking has been made, we keep monitoring prices to see if they drop for the same flight or similar options.

Approval alerts

If a lower price is found, we immediately alert travellers and travel managers so they can make the right decision.

Automatic rebooking

Finally we’ll automatically rebook the trip at the lower price. Seamless savings.

Air Track Expert™

Never let a ticket go to waste

Trips don’t always go as planned. Meetings are rescheduled. Locations change. And sometimes, trips are cancelled. Typically those already purchased, unused tickets go to waste. But with Air Track Expert™, travel managers can identify unused tickets automatically and then obtain a refund or credit.  So when plans change, you save.