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Trying to Predict Airfares When The Unpredictable Happens

With airfares fluctuating frequently, knowing when to buy and when to wait for a better deal to come along can be tricky. Airfare prediction apps such as Google Flights and…

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Corporate Travel Programs: Offering Peace of Mind for Your Corporate Travelers

We often talk about how a managed corporate travel program through a travel management company (TMC) can positively affect businesses. Today, however, let’s shed some light on the benefits to travelers, especially…


Keep Safe During Your Next Hotel Stay With Our Pro Tip Checklist

Many hotel brands have introduced enhanced safety and cleaning protocols over the last few months, but guests should also take extra precautions to maintain their well-being during an overnight stay….

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Maintain Your Safety at the Airport With Our Pro Tip Sheet

Airports around the world have implemented rigorous cleaning and security protocols to minimize health risks, but travelers also should be taking extra safety precautions to maintain their well-being. To help…

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A Guide to Evaluating and Enhancing Your Corporate Travel Technology Stack

If you’re like many travel managers in the midst of modifying your travel program to prepare for changes ahead, one area you should focus on is how to optimize the…


What to Expect for Air Travel in 2020

While more people are flying, the experience may feel completely different to travelers with new safety protocols being implemented at airports and on planes. To get a better understanding of…

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Top 10 Useful Gadgets for the Business Traveler

Making life more convenient and comfortable is always a good idea, especially so for today’s well-being-conscious business traveler. American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) takes a look at some useful…

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Prioritizing the Health of Your Business Travelers

With workshops entitled “9 Secrets to Stay Energized, Healthy and Balanced When You Travel for Business” and “How Do You Measure Traveler Well-being,” the Global Business Travel Association cast a…

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Country-by-Country Etiquette Tips for Business Travelers

You may have built a strong rapport with a client you’re visiting on business, but the relationship can sour if you somehow have offended them by unknowingly committing a cultural…

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Traveler 360° Study: Insights from Corporate Travellers from Across the Globe

How happy are employees from around the world with their business travel programmes? Why do they book out of policy and what might motivate them to be compliant? What are…