The perfectly made beds, freshly laundered towels, and plush bathrobes can make a hotel room a pleasant sanctuary for business travelers looking to unwind after an overnight flight and a packed afternoon of meetings. But after seven or more days of being confined to a 300-square-foot room with a suitcase full of soiled clothing and a coffee maker, microwave, and mini-fridge as the only kitchen accessories, you may want an accommodation that feels more like home.

Enter extended stay lodging — an excellent option when work takes you on the road for long stretches of time.

To help make your experience at a long-stay accommodation even comfortable, we’ve assembled a few ideas to make your temporary digs feel like your home away from home:

Choose the location wisely. Since a city’s business district may look like a ghost town come the weekend, you may prefer not staying in that part of town, even if it means you’ll have a longer commute to the office. When selecting a property, consider one with grocery stores, restaurants and public transportation within walking distance. If you’re not flying back home on weekends, pick a neighborhood that you’ll enjoy hanging around in for 48 hours at a time.

Take a piece of home with you. You can make your new environment feel more like home by packing some personal belongings, such as family photos, your children’s artwork, your favorite type of coffee and pair of furry slippers. Then after your arrival, spend some time setting it all up to your liking.

Don’t give up your life. Just because you are away from your familiar spot doesn’t mean you should give up your daily routine and hobbies. So if you typically jumpstart your morning in a downward dog pose and spend weekends out on the golf links, scout out the local yoga classes and public courses.

Become a local. Spend time acquainting yourself with your new neighborhood. Discover the locals’ favorite hangout. Become a familiar face at the farmer’s market. If you prefer not exploring alone and wish to combat a sense of isolation, you also might try a peer-to-peer activity. Read on to learn more!