Will business travelers earn loyalty points when booking through the company’s booking channels? Should they spend time trying to find the lowest hotel rate online, or is what’s available in the online booking tool already a great deal? And can they really trust those hotel star ratings? To help you discover the answers to those questions and more, we have put together a fun “fact or fiction” quiz. Whether you are a frequent business traveler who spends more nights in hotel rooms than days in the home office, a business travel newbie, or a travel manager who wants to learn more about how to save on your company’s accommodations program, we think you will learn something new. You also may stumble upon a tip or two that can help you save on the company’s accommodations program. To access the quiz, presented in a mini e-book format, fill out the form below and click on “Submit.” You then will be redirected to a new screen where you will be able to download the document.

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