Booking business trips

  • Booking tools

    Pre-negotiated rates and over 2 million options in accommodations. Those are just some of the many reasons why it’s better booking through us.

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  • By air, rail, car, boat… we’ll get you there, cost-effectively.

    Cars. Boats. Trains. Planes. Whether a trip is only a few miles or crosses continents, our travel products make journeys cost effective and more productive for travellers and companies alike.

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  • Business stay, your way.

    Backed by enduring and strategic supplier partnerships, our accommodations products offer savings, choice and flexibility—from one-night hotel stays to year-long apartment rentals.

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  • Expert Care™

    Employee safety will always be a priority. That’s why there’s Expert Care™ a global proactive service featuring risk alerts and direct communications during a disruption.

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  • Amex GBT Mobile app

    Thanks to the Amex GBT Mobile app, you can book your business trip, get help 24/7, check in to your flight and do much more.

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  • Help whenever you need it, wherever you are.

    Our experienced travel counsellors are trained to help travellers proactively at a moment's notice at any time of day, whether that means re-booking disrupted travel or navigating a country's visa process with our local partners.

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  • Gain spend visibility and control with online virtual payments

    Control spending, avoid corporate cards and take the work out of T&E reconciliation. Gone are the days of travellers carrying (or losing) plastic. Virtual card numbers are issued digitally for single uses within specific time windows.

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  • Re-shopping tools

    With airfares and hotel rates changing all the time, it’s good to know you can get the lower price, even after you booked a trip.

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  • Expert Auditor™

    A well-run travel program guides travelers to company-approved providers and destinations before they book a trip. But how do you make that happen?

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  • Make the most of your travel management investment

    Using deep analysis and our extensive experience, we can work with you to maximise the value and efficiency of your travel program.

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  • See a clearer picture. And act decisively.

    Our analytics and reporting solutions deliver robust data, insights and benchmarking so you can clearly understand your entire travel programme – including your carbon footprint.

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