New Travel-Ready Center gives customers personalized guidance

We’re all feeling the challenge of keeping up with the evolving pandemic-related government travel mandates. Now, United Airlines has introduced a way to make customers’ next trips a lot easier with a one-stop digital assistant – the Travel-Ready Center. This all-in-one resource gives customers a personalized, step-by-step guide of what’s needed for their specific trip, a simple way to upload required documents and quickly get their boarding pass, all fully integrated within the United mobile app and All-in-one-place, customized for a traveler’s trip.

Through the Travel-Ready Center customers can:

  • Review COVID-19 entry requirements
  • Find local testing options
  • Upload required testing and vaccination records for domestic and international travel.

United Airlines is the first airline to integrate all these features into its mobile app and website.

Here’s how it works from a traveler’s perspective:

  1. Book the flight. Once done, they can use this tool to get ready for travel.
  2. Review the requirements. Find out what they need to have, know and do about their future trip.
  3. Complete the requirements. Let United Airlines know they’re ready for travel.
  4. Travel safely. Arrive at their destination knowing they have their COVID-19 requirements covered.

Learn more about United Airline’s Travel Ready Center.


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