Unveiled just six months ago, American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT) Green Compass™ spotlights opportunities for companies to decarbonize travel – while continuing to travel for business. Now, the expanded Green Compass ecosystem of green consulting solutions lets clients see how a sustainable travel strategy can impact cost and traveler comfort.

Green travel – and, above all, lower carbon travel – is a global priority for our industry. Travel managers understand they need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – but how do they get started?

The Global Business Consulting (GBC) team at Amex GBT developed Green Compass to help organizations take their first steps on the path to decarbonization while still traveling to achieve business goals.

Identify which decisions can drive carbon reductions

Debuted at the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention last November, GBC consultants have used Green Compass to help travel managers understand how changes to the travel program will impact their total carbon footprint. Want to know how much carbon you could save by shifting your accommodation program to greener hotels? GBC consultants can show you, using the Green Compass data insights tool.

Clients have described their Green Compass sessions as a wake-up call. “Clients love seeing how their decisions can drive decarbonization – but they’re often surprised by the results,” said Susan Austin, lead of GBC’s sustainability practice line. “Green Compass makes companies aware of how difficult it can be to move the needle on emissions.”

Carbon efficiency varies significantly between different aircraft – as shown in the clickable graphic below – so shifting to more efficient aircraft can look like a quick win. However, Green Compass analysis across different Amex GBT clients has shown that shifting 50% of air segments to more efficient aircraft would produce carbon savings as low as 3% and only as high as 14%.

Find the balance between carbon savings, cost, and traveler comfort

GBC has now expanded the Green Compass ecosystem of green consulting solutions to help propel clients on their sustainability journey, from their first steps of completing an inventory and setting goals to embedding sustainability with actions for travelers and suppliers through change management and category-specific actions.

The expanded portfolio can help clients better understand the full implications of a more sustainable travel strategy. At the Business Travel Show Europe, GBC consultants showcased the prototype visualization engine that shows clients how changes to the travel program impact carbon emissions and cost and traveler experience.

The modeling is based on actual data from the client’s travel program to give a granular view of the opportunities to reduce emissions; clients with science-based targets need this level of detail to make informed choices about decarbonizing their travel program.

“The Green Compass ecosystem gives clients the insight they need to achieve a balance between carbon savings, cost, and traveler experience that matches the needs and culture of their organization,” concluded Susan.

Look out for news about the Green Compass™ ecosystem of green consulting solutions, unveiled at the Business Travel Show Europe.