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At A Glance

Industry: All Clients

Travellers: 1-100, 1000 - 5000, 250 - 500, 25000 - 50000, 5000 - 10000


  • In 2020, COVID-19 disrupted travel globally, resulting in new travel advisories and restrictions.


  • Activated a cross-functional Incident Management Response (IMR) team to act quickly on behalf of the business.
  • Monitor more than 140 travel advisories and restrictions to communicate the latest information to clients daily.
  • Launch Travel Vitals™, a central repository for risk and supplier information to help travelers prepare for their journey.


  • 91% traveller satisfaction.1
  • 35,000 travellers brought home1.
  • 2,400 client accounts assisted1.
  • 123,000 refunds processed1.


1 GBT Internal Reporting, April 2020.

It is especially in times like this that we truly support how American Express GBT steps up, mobilizes your staff and is relentless in ensuring our employees and their families are contacted and communicated with.

American Express GBT Customer


In 2020, COVID-19 disrupted travel globally, resulting in new travel advisories and screenings. As the world’s leading travel management company, we stepped in to not only support travellers, but also pave the way to invest in new industry solutions like Travel Vitals™.





Disruption management is a core area of our front-line servicing. In response to COVID-19, we activated a cross-functional Incident Management Response (IMR) team to monitor the situation and act quickly on behalf of the business.

With the IMR team’s leadership, our Traveller Care organization was able to quickly pivot staff to handle the large volume of inquiries. Faced with high call volumes, confused travellers, and over 100,000 refunds, GBT travel counsellors used their experience, training, and preparation to continue to deliver a high quality of service.

As a result, we supported more than 35,000 travellers globally while maintaining a 91% traveller satisfaction rating over the course of March 2020.1 When flights were delayed or canceled, travellers were contacted automatically to assist with re-booking. Throughout this period of disruption, travellers used phone, email, text, and chat for assistance.

Our incident management team continues to monitor the situation and pivot to support client needs. Since March, we have invested in new solutions to assist travelers, like Travel Vitals™, a central source for information about travel advisories, and enhanced traveller notification and messaging solutions. We’ve also expanded direct-to-traveller communication methods, like chat, SMS texts, and traveller notifications. Moving forward, GBT will continue to focus on keeping the traveller informed and supported throughout their journey.

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