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Travel News

2014 International Business Travel Statistics Snapshot

Check out the latest Business Travel Statistics Snapshot from American Express Global Business Travel. Read to see top travel destinations in 2014 and more. The polls are in and there’s…

Meetings & Events

Video: How To Minimize Risk With Shifts In Event Compliance

Video: Compliance As compliance needs shift, meeting owners should be aware of their potential impact to minimize risk. Read Meetings Forecast 2016

Travel Tips & Trends

Video: How Incentives Can Improve Employee Experience

Video: Incentives The expectations of today’s workforce are driving exciting changes in incentive experiences. Read Meetings Forecast 2016

Meetings & Events

Video: How Mobile Apps Are Changing Attendee Interactions At Events

Video: Mobility Mobile apps are increasingly being used to inform and engage attendees, and analyze meeting experiences. Read Meetings Forecast 2016


2015 Global Meetings and Events Forecast

It is our pleasure to bring you our fourth annual global forecast for the Meetings and Events industry. In reviewing the results of the forecast surveys and observing worldwide activity…


Prata med våra säljare
Prata med våra säljare