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Research & Insights

What Are Virtual Card Numbers and Why Your Travel Program Needs Them

Imagine this: There’s a contractor who’s traveling for company business. Because they do not have a corporate charge card, the hotel will be paid for using some executive’s corporate credit…

Research & Insights

What Qualities to Look for in a Travel Management Company

Whether you are starting from scratch or searching for a replacement, selecting a travel management company (TMC) to partner with requires thorough and thoughtful vetting — and not just because…

Travel News and Airbnb’s Home-sharing Rentals: Considerations for Your Corporate Travel Program

Slowly but surely, traveling employees are starting to realize the value of booking an Airbnb-like property for their corporate trips. Alternative accommodations deliver on two key priorities employees consider when…

Research & Insights

Alleviating Employees’ Top Four Business Travel Gripes

We hear a lot about the need to boost traveler satisfaction and well-being, but it can be somewhat difficult for travel policy decision makers to grasp how imperative a concept…

Research & Insights

Dispelling 4 Common Myths Employees Have About Managed Travel Programs

We know there are a lot of misconceptions traveling employees (and even some travel managers) have about managed travel. So today let’s lay to rest some of the confusion once…

Regional Focus

Business Travel Trends: Our Predictions for the Months Ahead

What trends are impacting your corporate travel program? From NDC to Brexit and disruptions, both good and bad, today we will explore a few phenomena that can have an impact…


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Prata med våra säljare