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Research & Insights

What Qualities to Look for in a Travel Management Company

Whether you are starting from scratch or searching for a replacement, selecting a travel management company (TMC) to partner with requires thorough and thoughtful vetting — and not just because…

Travel News and Airbnb’s Home-sharing Rentals: Considerations for Your Corporate Travel Program

Slowly but surely, traveling employees are starting to realize the value of booking an Airbnb-like property for their corporate trips. Alternative accommodations deliver on two key priorities employees consider when…

Research & Insights

Alleviating Employees’ Top Four Business Travel Gripes

We hear a lot about the need to boost traveler satisfaction and well-being, but it can be somewhat difficult for travel policy decision makers to grasp how imperative a concept…

Research & Insights

Dispelling 4 Common Myths Employees Have About Managed Travel Programs

We know there are a lot of misconceptions traveling employees (and even some travel managers) have about managed travel. So today let’s lay to rest some of the confusion once…

Regional Focus

Business Travel Trends: Our Predictions for the Months Ahead

What trends are impacting your corporate travel program? From NDC to Brexit and disruptions, both good and bad, today we will explore a few phenomena that can have an impact…

Research & Insights

White Paper: Integrating Transient Travel and Meetings Programmes

For many organisations today, their transient travel programmes tend to operate separately from their meetings and events programmes. This indicates opportunities to significantly enhance data reporting capabilities and visibility into…


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Prata med våra säljare